10 worst wedding gifts of all time

Giving a gift that marks the beginning of a couple’s married life together is no insignificant task. So, what can you offer that is personal yet practical, and appropriate to commemorate such a milestone life moment? Or more importantly, what should you avoid at all costs?

We countdown the ten worst wedding gifts of all time, to help you avoid these present pitfalls and bestow on every bride and groom a gift worthy of their special occasion.

Everyone is guilty of a re-gift at some point in their lives. But for a wedding? C’mon! The fact that you are never going to use the three-in-one kitchen appliance Aunt Marge gave you last Christmas, probably means the happy couple wont either, and obvious re-gifts such as this scream thoughtless-ness and poor taste.

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Divorce paraphernalia
It might’ve seemed funny at the time, but do any newlyweds really want to receive self-help manuals entitled What to do if you’re De-partnered or Second Husband, Second Chance? Chances are they may not see the funny side – some may even take it as a personal affront regarding their chosen spouse. When it comes to wedding gifts, leave the comedy behind.

Baby paraphernalia
Worse even than divorce paraphernalia, is receiving baby goods on your wedding day. If and when a couple will start a family is a personal decision and undue pressure from ‘well-meaning’ family and friends can turn what should be a positive, personal choice into a high-pressure situation. Leave the baby presents for the baby shower.

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While we get the whole adorable factor of a scruffy puppy or fluffy kitten as a token of matrimonial bliss, this is another one of those decisions the newlyweds will have to make for themselves. Keeping a pet is a big responsibility and once the hype and stress of the wedding is done, the happy couple may not want to have to worry about anyone – or anything – else, so soon.

Eclectic art pieces
Unless you are completely sure that the couple in question shares your exact taste in art and interior décor, steer clear of any big-ticket pieces designed to take up space in the love nest.

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Couples’ courses
While its natural for newlyweds to want to spend time together and strengthen mutual interests, these need to develop naturally and organically, not be forced upon them as a result of a two-for-one Groupon deal. Gifting couples’ courses on the wedding day can force newlyweds into uncomfortable, un-enjoyable situations they won’t thank you for.

Boudoir apparatus
No matter how well you know the bride and groom, gifts for the bedroom are definitely best avoided. You know what we mean: lovable lingerie, role play regalia and any other form of boudoir apparatus are not to be given as a wedding gift. Although we assume this is kind of obvious, you’d be surprised…

Impersonal gift voucher
Unless the couple has especially requested vouchers from specific outlets, avoid giving gift vouchers as this can appear impersonal and insinuate you haven’t put much thought into the sentimentality or significance of this gift.

Stuff you like
Perhaps the most selfish gift-purchasing strategy of all, is the gift of something that speaks more to your own personal taste and preference, than that of the couple in question. Sure, if you’ve made their wedding cut, you probably share similar interests (unless you’re only there because you’re related), but that doesn’t mean giving them an experience or item just because you would love it, is necessarily going to be your best bet. Especially if you’re hoping they will return it – to you.

Unnecessary kitchen appliances
These days, most couples are living together before they tie the knot. And even if they aren’t, the majority are equipped with the day-to-day living appliances required in a modern-day home. So, rather than purchasing a second toaster or doubling-up on an espresso machine, consider a less-redundant and more meaningful gift that speaks to the significance of the occasion, which the happy couple will sincerely appreciate and enjoy.

The ideal wedding gift
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